Are you a crafter? We are! We love crafting and love teaching kids and others about this awesome hobby. Do you know the top 12 items every crafter should have? There are items that you must have if you want to enhance your career especially when looking forward to improve your experience in this field. In addition, the have more supplies you have, the more you’ll probably use them. Here are the top 12 items every crafter must have in your home:


1. X Acto Knife

If you want to work with fabric, then you need a rotary cutter or X Acto Knife. One advantage of using it is that you can always use it in almost everything when cutting whether you are working with a paper or a ribbon. In addition, an x acto knife is often useful for cutting items that are thicker items such as foam board or cardboard.

2. Glue gun

Buying a glue gun is among the best investments that you can ever buy when you need improve your skills. With it, you will fix broken drawers, make crafts, and even hemmed up your skirt in a pinch. It will be your favorite craft tool at the same time fairly inexpensive. You do not want to do a job without a glue gun since it will help you fix them easily.

3. Craft paper

With a craft paper, you will make your last minute birthday cards, or add decoration to your project. In addition, you can include a craft paper with scrapbook paper, tissue paper and cardstock.

4. Single Hole Punch

With a Single Hole Punch, you can always create holes in your project. You will never have problems when working on your projects.

5. Scissors

As a crafter, you will need scissors that will enable you cut paper. You can always do your research in the market before buying one especially when you need to improve your cutting precision. For simple crafting needs, you need a good pair of scissors.

6. Craft ruler

Any crafter should have a good craft ruler. When you use it, you will get a perfect measurement at the same time figure out how you can get a perfect corner.

7. Gridded cutting mat

A Gridded cutting mat is perfect for accurate cutting and measuring. You can also use it as a protective surface cover. Depending on what you need, you will always improve accuracy when cutting.

8. A Fabric 

You can always buy a fabric depending on what you need in the market. During your choice, you will always get the best deals from the market.

9. Glue

You can always buy different glue types available in the market. You should buy those that can dry faster especially when you need to use them immediately.

10. Markers 

When marking your drawing, you need a marker. They will also help you make measurements when cutting.

11. Paint 

You do not need expensive acrylics or fancy oils, but it is good to have always some paint on hand if you want a fun project.

12. Embellishments

Most craft projects often need an embellishment of a kind. You should always have embellishments assortment on the hand.