Education & Training for Child Care Providers

All regulated child care providers are required to take 30 hours of training every two years. Registered/Licensed Family/Group Family providers are required to take a 15 hour Health & Safety Training Class before beginning care. Center-based staff must complete 15 hours of training in the first six months of employment.


CDC offers several workshops each year to assist child care providers in meeting the training requirements.

Health and Safety Training

This training series is required for anyone who wishes to become registered or licensed as a Family or Group Family Child Care Provider. The training is presented in four sessions and covers 7 of the 9 required topics. This class also makes a good refresher if you haven’t taken it in a few years or an opportunity for group family assistants to receive their fifteen hours of training very quickly. This is a competency-based curriculum which requires the successful completion of written and demonstration tests.

CACFP Classes

CACFP Classes are free to family child care providers sponsored in CACFP by the Child Development Council – Cortland Office.

Video Conferences

Visit or call (888) 399-0549 for dates or for more information. Video conferences are free.

Medication Administration Training

Do you need Medication Administration Training? CDC will be happy to schedule a class for your MAT needs.

Medication Administration Training Independent Study

If you feel like you don’t have enough time to get away from your program to take the MAT course, but you want to become approved to give medication, then the MAT Independent Study course is for you!

You can study all of the training materials on your own and at your own pace. When you feel you’re ready, you’ll only need to meet with a MAT trainer for a few hours to complete the testing. When you pass, you will get 8 training hours and a MAT certificate.

The MAT Participant Study Guide will walk you through the steps to complete Part One. As soon as CDC receives your registration form and payment you may pick up a binder containing your copy of the MAT Participant Study Guide. You must also watch all parts of the MAT Video, which can be found at:

Once you have finished studying the materials and completed the exercises you are ready to be tested to complete Part Two. Testing will take place at CDC (see schedule).

Online Training: Early Childhood Education & Training Program E-Learning Classes

Check out the growing number of courses available through the Early Childhood Education and Training Program (ECETP) E-Learning. For technical help registering contact Shannon Flynn at 518-408-4666. Child Care providers who take these courses will receive credit toward the 30 hours of training needed every two years to maintain their license or registration.

Individualized Informal Child Care Provider Training –
A Special Offer Just for Legally-Exempt Providers

Would you be interested in earning one or more hours of training time in the comfort of your own home? The enhanced rate is 15% above the market rate. In order to start receiving it, you must complete 10 hours of training.

To start your training I can come to your home and give you information about a very important topic: Encouraging Childhood Reading/Literacy. What kinds of things do you do to provide a child care environment that helps to promote literacy?

Every child today will be faced with the challenges of a high-tech society. It is important that children have early literacy opportunities which can help to give them the necessary skills to be able to meet these challenges. Most importantly, a child’s motivation to read needs to be nurtured so that he/she will enjoy reading!

So, what other kinds of things can you do as a child care provider to encourage a child’s love for reading? I will give you information on ways to be supportive of a child’s development of literacy skills.

Please contact Debbie at 753-0106, ext. 4, to schedule a time.

Red Cross CPR, AED & First Aid Courses

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) & First Aid Training Become a Requirement

New York State law requires all child care providers to have at least one employee who holds a valid certificate in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid on the premise of the child care program during the program’s operating hours. As written, this law may require that most programs have multiple persons trained in both courses so that the program stays in compliance when any one of those trained staff persons is absent. In addition, substitutes for family day care providers would also need to be trained in CPR and First Aid when supervising children in the absence of a provider and alternate provider.

To register for these courses, call American Red Cross of Cortland County at (607) 753-1182 or visit