How Much Should You Spend On Digital Marketing & SEO?

Still on the fence about increasing your digital marketing budget? An increasing number of companies have put more marketing dollars on promoting their business through various digital platforms, and they’re enjoying excellent ROI. Refusing to jump on the trend only causes you to leave a ton of money on the table. If you’re still asking how much to spend on digital marketing, just take a look at the companies that have shifted their focus from traditional marketing tools to digital avenues.

Seo Digital Marketing

It’s difficult to provide an absolute number when talking about how much you should invest in digital marketing. However, it’s clear that you should start focusing on digital marketing techniques if you want to reach your target customers and beat the competition.

There are plenty of things you need to consider before shelling out any money. Do you get most of your traffic online? What is the nature of your business? Are your competitors relying on digital platforms almost exclusively? Is there enough room in your budget to improve your email marketing, SEO, and social media marketing efforts? Milwaukee SEO expert seems to think so, especially if you’re getting a return on your investment.

Getting answers to these questions will give you a clearer picture of where you should put your marketing dollars. Studies show that over the past few years, companies have realized the benefits of digital platforms in terms of reaching out to more customers, thus prompting them to shy away from direct mail, print ads, and other traditional channels.

Back in 2011, the average digital marketing spend for companies was 11% of their total budget. In 2016, this number increased to 35%. And when you look at companies that generate most of their traffic through various online platforms, you will see that they invest almost 100% of their marketing funds on online marketing techniques.

Consumer behavior has changed drastically. Instead of grabbing the phone book and looking for local products or services, consumers now go to Google, browse on social media, and click on their emails to discover and learn about products or services they might be interested in. And the digital platforms on which you can promote your business have become so effective at targeting the right audience.

All of these advancements have led to businesses enjoying higher returns on their investments compared to what they used to get through traditional marketing efforts. The bottom line is that if you still doubt the effectiveness of digital, then you have no shot at beating the competition.

Education & Training for Child Care Providers

Education & Training for Child Care Providers

All regulated child care providers are required to take 30 hours of training every two years. Registered/Licensed Family/Group Family providers are required to take a 15 hour Health & Safety Training Class before beginning care. Center-based staff must complete 15 hours of training in the first six months of employment.


CDC offers several workshops each year to assist child care providers in meeting the training requirements.

Health and Safety Training

This training series is required for anyone who wishes to become registered or licensed as a Family or Group Family Child Care Provider. The training is presented in four sessions and covers 7 of the 9 required topics. This class also makes a good refresher if you haven’t taken it in a few years or an opportunity for group family assistants to receive their fifteen hours of training very quickly. This is a competency-based curriculum which requires the successful completion of written and demonstration tests.

CACFP Classes

CACFP Classes are free to family child care providers sponsored in CACFP by the Child Development Council – Cortland Office.

Video Conferences

Visit or call (888) 399-0549 for dates or for more information. Video conferences are free.

Medication Administration Training

Do you need Medication Administration Training? CDC will be happy to schedule a class for your MAT needs.

Medication Administration Training Independent Study

If you feel like you don’t have enough time to get away from your program to take the MAT course, but you want to become approved to give medication, then the MAT Independent Study course is for you!

You can study all of the training materials on your own and at your own pace. When you feel you’re ready, you’ll only need to meet with a MAT trainer for a few hours to complete the testing. When you pass, you will get 8 training hours and a MAT certificate.

The MAT Participant Study Guide will walk you through the steps to complete Part One. As soon as CDC receives your registration form and payment you may pick up a binder containing your copy of the MAT Participant Study Guide. You must also watch all parts of the MAT Video, which can be found at:

Once you have finished studying the materials and completed the exercises you are ready to be tested to complete Part Two. Testing will take place at CDC (see schedule).

Online Training: Early Childhood Education & Training Program E-Learning Classes

Check out the growing number of courses available through the Early Childhood Education and Training Program (ECETP) E-Learning. For technical help registering contact Shannon Flynn at 518-408-4666. Child Care providers who take these courses will receive credit toward the 30 hours of training needed every two years to maintain their license or registration.

Individualized Informal Child Care Provider Training –
A Special Offer Just for Legally-Exempt Providers

Would you be interested in earning one or more hours of training time in the comfort of your own home? The enhanced rate is 15% above the market rate. In order to start receiving it, you must complete 10 hours of training.

To start your training I can come to your home and give you information about a very important topic: Encouraging Childhood Reading/Literacy. What kinds of things do you do to provide a child care environment that helps to promote literacy?

Every child today will be faced with the challenges of a high-tech society. It is important that children have early literacy opportunities which can help to give them the necessary skills to be able to meet these challenges. Most importantly, a child’s motivation to read needs to be nurtured so that he/she will enjoy reading!

So, what other kinds of things can you do as a child care provider to encourage a child’s love for reading? I will give you information on ways to be supportive of a child’s development of literacy skills.

Please contact Debbie at 753-0106, ext. 4, to schedule a time.

Red Cross CPR, AED & First Aid Courses

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) & First Aid Training Become a Requirement

New York State law requires all child care providers to have at least one employee who holds a valid certificate in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid on the premise of the child care program during the program’s operating hours. As written, this law may require that most programs have multiple persons trained in both courses so that the program stays in compliance when any one of those trained staff persons is absent. In addition, substitutes for family day care providers would also need to be trained in CPR and First Aid when supervising children in the absence of a provider and alternate provider.

To register for these courses, call American Red Cross of Cortland County at (607) 753-1182 or visit

How to Find the Best Trampolines for Kids

If you run a childcare or daycare for many children like we do, you’re always on the look for safe activities to keep children entertained. We just started inventing in trampolines and so far our kids have loved it. Here’s our advice on what to look for.

A trampoline can be a nice way for your kids to have fun, develop coordination, and enjoy some exercise. However, there are so many different types of trampolines available in the market that it only increases your responsibility of finding the best. But how to find the best trampolines for kids? How to find something that your kids will enjoy and at the same time be safe in? If such are the questions now running in your mind, then continue reading to discover some tips that will help you find the perfect trampoline easily. For reference we’ve used Trampoline Boss as a good buying guide.

1. Consider the size

Size is very important. The trampoline needs to be small enough for your kid so that they do not end up jumping all over the area. They should be able to jump and enjoy, but stay within a defined area while doing so. It is also necessary for you to consider the size because most times you will be keeping it indoors, so you need to have space in your home for the same.

2. Safety must be given utmost priority

There are various things you need to look for to make sure the trampoline is safe for your kids. The first thing you need to check is if the trampoline has a proper handlebar that is fixed securely in place. Next, it should be absolutely stable so that your children do not tip over while jumping. Also, make sure there are no hard surfaces or sharp edges that can hurt your kids.

3. It should be attractive

Kids just do not like boring things with understated colors. So, the trampoline you choose must look very colorful and cheerful. Since you have many color choices, you can opt for your child’s favorite color or the one that looks the brightest and most attractive. Trampolines with cartoon characters are also very popular and loved by kids.

4. Check the price and durability

Your kids are likely to spend lots of time jumping on the trampolines and you cannot expect them to be careful, and thus you need to make sure the trampoline you choose is durable and will not break just after few months of usage. Also, give importance to the price. Your kids will outgrow the trampoline really fast and thus spending a fortune on it will not be wise. At the same time do not opt for one that is extremely cheap as it might not be safe. So look for something that is safe, attractive, durable, and not too pricey.

Following these simple tips, you easily will be able to find a trampoline that is perfect for your kids. As soon as your package arrives, you can assemble it following the assembly instructions given on the package or follow the tips given on online videos, and then enjoy watching your kids having a great fun time.

If you’re looking for other activities for kids to try out; check these great play doh games they can play.

How the Best Double Jogging Strollers are Made

double-strolelrsBabies are cute and bring forth lots of pleasant life- changing elements. It is even cuter when you choose to travel with them in comfortable baby strollers. Choosing the best strollers for traveling can be an uphill task. Best strollers for traveling come in various styles, shapes, and sizes. The best double jogging strollers are available for toddlers and infants in different colors and designs. Everyone has their tastes and preferences when it comes to choosing the best stroller for their kids. Needs vary due to budget, travel needs and strolling habits. One thing that makes double baby strollers very attractive, especially for parents who are constantly on the move and those using Public Transport means, is the ease and convenience of folding them. Strollers come from Brands like Bugaboo, Graco, Joovy, Peg Perego and Baby Jogger which can be purchased online on different sites like Amazon, Target, and Alibaba. The strollers are meant to sustain a modern parent’s ever busy lifestyle by providing a smooth ride that is safe for both the parent and the child.

Categories of best baby strollers may include:

1.) Lightweight and umbrella strollers – convenient for short trips.

2.) Jogging strollers – appropriate for a rough terrain.

3.) Luxury strollers – stellar high-end strollers.

4.) Traditional Full-Size Baby Strollers – have many and big storage compartments and are suitable for long trips.

5.) Car seat carriers – for carrying your baby in the car, mostly fixed in the backseat of the car.

6.) Double, triple and quad strollers.

7.) Double jogging strollers – perfect for 2 kids on the run.


Some of the things to consider when choosing the best double jogging strollers for traveling are:

• Comfort – a stroller should be comfortable both for the mother and the child.

• Safety – your safety and your baby’s safety should always come first when choosing a stroller.

• Cost – you should not break your bank when shopping for an appropriate baby stroller. Consider a pocket-friendly stroller that will not strain your budget.

• Extras and unique innovations –extras include reversible liners, cup holders, rain covers, drop-down baskets and even built-in MP3 speakers to make you avoid getting bored when strolling in the park alone. Some strollers double up baby car seats which will further be less costly meaning that you won’t need to buy an extra child car seat.

• Ease of use – best strollers for traveling should be easy to set up, operate and fix in case of breakages or any other issues that may arise.

• Fabrics – the material uses to make the baby stroller needs to be attractive and more importantly durable. You want a stroller that you will use currently and even in the future without it wearing and tearing easily. Consider purchasing a stroller as a long-term investment.

The Top 12 items Every Crafter Should Have

Are you a crafter? We are! We love crafting and love teaching kids and others about this awesome hobby. Do you know the top 12 items every crafter should have? There are items that you must have if you want to enhance your career especially when looking forward to improve your experience in this field. In addition, the have more supplies you have, the more you’ll probably use them. Here are the top 12 items every crafter must have in your home:


1. X Acto Knife

If you want to work with fabric, then you need a rotary cutter or X Acto Knife. One advantage of using it is that you can always use it in almost everything when cutting whether you are working with a paper or a ribbon. In addition, an x acto knife is often useful for cutting items that are thicker items such as foam board or cardboard.

2. Glue gun

Buying a glue gun is among the best investments that you can ever buy when you need improve your skills. With it, you will fix broken drawers, make crafts, and even hemmed up your skirt in a pinch. It will be your favorite craft tool at the same time fairly inexpensive. You do not want to do a job without a glue gun since it will help you fix them easily.

3. Craft paper

With a craft paper, you will make your last minute birthday cards, or add decoration to your project. In addition, you can include a craft paper with scrapbook paper, tissue paper and cardstock.

4. Single Hole Punch

With a Single Hole Punch, you can always create holes in your project. You will never have problems when working on your projects.

5. Scissors

As a crafter, you will need scissors that will enable you cut paper. You can always do your research in the market before buying one especially when you need to improve your cutting precision. For simple crafting needs, you need a good pair of scissors.

6. Craft ruler

Any crafter should have a good craft ruler. When you use it, you will get a perfect measurement at the same time figure out how you can get a perfect corner.

7. Gridded cutting mat

A Gridded cutting mat is perfect for accurate cutting and measuring. You can also use it as a protective surface cover. Depending on what you need, you will always improve accuracy when cutting.

8. A Fabric 

You can always buy a fabric depending on what you need in the market. During your choice, you will always get the best deals from the market.

9. Glue

You can always buy different glue types available in the market. You should buy those that can dry faster especially when you need to use them immediately.

10. Markers 

When marking your drawing, you need a marker. They will also help you make measurements when cutting.

11. Paint 

You do not need expensive acrylics or fancy oils, but it is good to have always some paint on hand if you want a fun project.

12. Embellishments

Most craft projects often need an embellishment of a kind. You should always have embellishments assortment on the hand.